hennyproud: Gene Tierney in Leave Her to Heav…


Gene Tierney in Leave Her to Heaven (1945) dir. John M. Stall

“At the center of [Leave Her to Heaven] is Gene Tierney’s Ellen, a monstrous amalgam of Hedda Gabler, Jackie O, and a zombie; she wants to have her husband Richard all to herself, at any price. Aside from some obscure daddy issues, we never find out any really suggestive reasons for Ellen’s psychic unrest, but Stahl creates several fabled set pieces that express the will of his anti-heroine. [In one of them] Ellen sits in a rowboat, her eyes hidden behind ‘40s sunglasses, and calmly watches her crippled brother-in-law Danny drown.”

On of the most horrifying moments in the movies. And Gene Tierney’s best performance.