Rest in peace, Tab Hunter ( July 11, 1931 – J…

Rest in peace, Tab Hunter (

July 11, 1931 – July 8, 2018)

“Life was difficult for me, because I was living two lives at that time. A private [gay] life of my own, which I never discussed, never talked about to anyone. And then my Hollywood life, which was just trying to learn my craft and succeed…  ‘Gay’ wasn’t even around in those days, and if anyone ever confronted me with it, I’d just kinda freak out. I was in total denial. I was just not comfortable in that Hollywood scene, other than the work process… There was a lot written about my sexuality, and the press was pretty darn cruel, but what moviegoers wanted to hold in their hearts were the boy-next-door marines, cowboys and swoon-bait sweethearts I portrayed.”