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Sophia Loren

Queen Elizabeth II in New York City, 1957, photo by Burt Glinn

Sailors celebrating VJ (Victory in Japan) Day, 14 August 1945, New York City, photo by “Weegee” (Arthur Fellig). Weegee was a freelance press photographer, selling his photo to newspapers at a time when NYC supported a large number of daily and weekly papers.

Grace Kelly, New York, 1956, photo by Lisa Larsen

Keeping cool, New York, 1945, photo by “Weegee” (Arthur Fellig)


Christmas shopping rush at Macy’s, 1948. By Nina Leen. 

Lucille Ball skating on the rink at Rockefeller Center, New York, 1937

Dancers in a Harlem nightclub, 1956, photo by Roy DeCarava


Paul Newman and Marilyn Monroe at the Actors Studio in New York, 1955.

”The first time I saw Paul Newman he was dancing with Marilyn Monroe. It was the summer of 1959 at a noisy Actors Studio party in New York’s Greenwich Village. I had just passed my audition and was being introduced to everyone as a new member by the Broadway producer Cheryl Crawford, one of the Studio’s heads. Nobody was paying me much attention—understandably, since they were all watching a barefoot Marilyn, in a skintight black dress, undulate around the living room with Newman, lithe and sinewy in chinos and T-shirt. They seemed to be dancing with such rapture; they both kept changing rhythms and sometimes they walk-stepped to the beat. They didn’t dance for very long—maybe three minutes—but what a hot, pulsing three minutes it was! They broke apart, Marilyn gave a giggle and a curtsy, and Newman bowed and moved directly past me through the crowd to get a beer.”

– Patricia Bosworth

James Dean, New York, 1954, a very tired young man. Photo by Dennis Stock